"I wasn't happy the way it was so I changed it."

Mermaid Lila


While mermaid schools are becoming increasingly popular, Mermaid Dream Retreats owner Mermaid Lila, has spent the last 3 years developing patented protocol to ensure that safety and quality standards are continually met. all students learn about the three pillars of being a mermaid; creativity, connection, and conservation.having grown unhappy with the cookie cutter approach most mermaid schools had adopted,


mermaid lila set off to create a one of a kind retreat program to teach what it means to be a mermaid mind, body, and spirit. her unique approach leaves guests truly transformed and empowered to create positive change. "I wasn't happy with the way it was, so I changed it. it has the potential to be so much more than just swimming in a mermaid tail."


It wasn't easy.

The hardest lesson I learned was how decide what my ideal life looked like and to choose to embrace it.


The journey to becoming a professional mermaid and running retreats is Mermaid Lila's way of embracing the fun and joy of life. Having been a marine educator, and working in the field of marine biology, she quickly realized something was missing that was preventing the messages for conservation from sticking. "It wasn't easy. the hardest lesson i learned was how to decide what my ideal life looked like and then choose to embrace it.Her journey has provided a path of continual education. Mermaid Lila is first aid, cpr, aed, lifeguard, rescue scuba diver, and skin diving instructor certified.


She also holds a degree in Marine Biology that she earned from Hawai’i Pacific University in 2013. Mermaid Lila has also developed diving protocol specifically for mermaids interested in breath hold and open water skin diving. Her philosophy involves tapping into the potential mermaids have  to create change within themselves  and their communities.This led her to embrace her unique gifts of empathy and intuition. by understanding the concept of conservation as a role of spirit, she began developing. The retreat programs she offers focus on healing ones self to enable confidence to move forward and heal the planet.


The 3 pillars


the mermaid embodies creativity. whether it be through her sirens song or the self care to maintain a beautiful look, a mermaids vibe is unique and bold. it's important to understand that creativity is what helps us problem solve, unwind, and relieve stress. during all of our retreats it is encouraged that you embrace your wild and creative side to discover untapped potential. 


donning a mermaid tail for professional or recreational use allows people to connect to the ocean in a unique way. mermaids all over the world are making their voices heard by teaching and spreading awareness about various issues facing the global ocean. during all retreats, time is set aside to learn about how conservation is everyone's responsibility and purpose.


The embodiment of the mermaid spirit is one that is care-free and untamed, just like the sea. during every retreat we set time aside for meditation practices that help us not only calm our breath, but bring us into a place of presence and awareness. it is in this present mindset that we can focus on connecting to the ocean and discover more about who we are.

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