About Mermaid Dream Retreats


While many Mermaid Dream Retreats’ programs are based on the island of Maui, international group trips are available at multiple times throughout the year. Mermaid Dream Retreats offers diverse programs which include introductory mermaid swim lessons, Mermaid diving certifications, and experiences.




Connecting and enabling self-realization for clients through connecting them to the environment and Spirit of Hawaii. Help fine tune and focus their energy on their desires by providing a once in a lifetime experience every time they come to a retreat.


The mission of Mermaid Dream Retreatsis to inspire positive global change by empowering the next generation of Environmental Stewards to connect to and pursue their passions. Whether their impact be on a small scale, or a large one, they can make a difference.

As a company, Mermaid Dream Retreats accepts environmental responsibility during all our experiences. All our mermaids demonstrate ethical wildlife interactions, and do everything possible to have a minimal impact on our delicate oceanic environment.

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