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Self Care

Treasure Yourself

We all need self care.

Say it with me one more time, we all need self care. So often life scoops us up and turns our focus to the needs of others. We have our careers, our family, our friendships, and 100 other things on our plate that we absolutely NEED to devote time to.Lets face it, this definitely puts our needs on the back burner.

We, as a society, are really good at neglecting our individual needs. The evidence of this is overwhelming. How many times have you done something nice for yourself and felt GUILT because of it?

How many times has your ego called you selfish for literally taking care of yourself?

I don’t know about you, but my ego LOVES the opportunity to tell me I don’t deserve self care and guilts me whenever I do something nice for myself.

 This past year, I’ve been exploring self care and what it looks like to me. Often it conjured images of sitting in meditation, yoga poses, getting my nails done (which I don’t actually enjoy), or other stereotypical things that weren’t my version of self care. I started really thinking about if I were to take time daily to take care of myself, what would that look like?

For some that is yoga and meditation. I’m more of a yoga once a week gal.

Turns out my simplest form of self care was the ability to cook and prepare my own meals. I eat out way too much and a big part of that was due to the fact that I didn’t have space to prepare my own food. My ‘kitchen’ was so small I couldn’t even prep a salad without making an absolute mess so I would neglect this basic form of self care. On top of that, my time is often limited working between two jobs. Any given week I can be working 50-70 hours between my ‘muggle’ job and my passion job.

I hit a point energetically that the message I was sending to my Self was, “I’m too busy working to support you to take care of you.”

My Self in all her wisdom then simply said in response, “What the shit?”

It was like I got smacked upside the head. How ridiculous was it that I was working so hard to support myself that neglecting myself was an option? This happens to SO many of us too. We get caught up in the details of life that we fail to take time to enjoy our life and care for ourselves in the process.

So I started preparing my own meals. I decided I would set the time aside to make meals for me to take to work that were healthy and nurturing.

Once I started preparing my own meals, even basic things like pasta or a no prep salad, I saw immediate change. I began to feel like this simple task was a way to honor myself. I was setting the time aside to nurture myself and show myself I cared by making vibrant and healthy meals. I could feel the shift immediately.

Doing this was literally telling my Self that I am loved.

 Self care doesn’t have to be a spa day. It doesn’t have to be meditating everyday or yoga. Self care is often lost in the little things so why not make the little things our self care routine?

Drink your coffee outside in the sunshine.

Read a book for 20 minutes.

Jam out to your favorite songs on your commute.

That is what the simplest form of self care is and it’s SO easy to do on the daily.

How will you tell yourself you’re loved and cared for this week?

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