Mermaid Magic- Exploring the Elements

Fire Mermaid


What Drives Us


 What is a mermaid doing talking about fire? Well, after last week’s blog about what is magic, I decided why not make a series and go over the spiritual elements, what they represent, and how they can be used. I imagine not everyone who reads this is as attached to water work as I am and the best way to manifest is in balance with all of the elements.

Have you ever watched fire dance? She bends and moves sensually before her flames disappear into the air. She also needs fuel, she is dependent on air to take form and needs the twigs and leaves of earth to continue burning.

She is both life and destruction dancing in delicate balance.

Passion breathes into fire helping her grow, but if she grows too much she consumes faster. Once the fuel runs out, she disappears into the air as smoke with only embers of and ashes of her great dance remaining on the earth below.

Working with fire energy requires a delicate balance. You want to fan the flame to make her rise  but you also want to be mindful of what you’re putting into it as that can sustain her or cause her to disappear too soon.

Fire is great for passion work in both the emotional and physical sense. The physical sense has to do with our dimension of sexuality which is part of our human experience. The emotional aspect deals with our desires and dreams of what DRIVES us while we’re on this little blue marble called Earth.

When we think about our fire it’s what pushes us to find satisfaction in life and the motivation to fulfill our life purpose.

Our fire often pushes us to change or see things change. That’s due to fire’s nature of destruction AND creation. In the forest, fire clears away all the dead underbrush so new seeds may grow. Think about that for a second. Your Fire’s purpose, that feeling of blazed passion in your chest asking you to move forward is there so you can burn away the old and activate the new.

We’re conditioned to be afraid of fire. We’re taught that dreams and following our passion is the easiest way to get hurt. Your fire may make you seem like an idealist, like the change you’re seeking is not possible. What happens when you decide to let your fire burn as brightly and fiercely as possible? What happens when you feed your spark, fan your flame, and turn that water into steam to move forward?

That is where talk of fire magic often falls short. The spark to make change and burn away the old is how the movements are made. It’s how laws are changed, it’s how the flaws of the status quo are pointed out and re-imagined.

So my advice to you, as you seek your magic.

Find your passion and burn baby, burn.

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